Environmental, Health & Safety

Environmental, health and safety matters play an increasingly important role in M&A and finance transactions.


Massumi + Consoli excels at identifying and understanding environmental risks that are material to transactions and delivering customized mitigation and ongoing management solutions that meet client needs.

Massumi + Consoli’s Environmental, Health & Safety practice seamlessly works with the rest of our deal teams to provide market-leading and tailored support across varied market verticals. Working closely with clients, our team counsels on structuring transactions in the manner most appropriate to the level and nature of the environmental, health and safety risk involved.


Drawing on a broad range of experience with contaminated sites, permitting and approvals, occupational safety and health, as well as process safety, our practice counsels clients on the identification, assessment, allocation, management and disclosure of a wide range of environmental, health and safety risks and opportunities in mergers, acquisitions and other complex transactions.


Our team draws from its extensive experience working with companies across the full lifecycle of their businesses. We routinely advise clients with respect to both known or potential investigations, addressing liabilities linked to legacy operations or properties, correcting noncompliance, resolving related enforcement proceedings or other litigation and assessing the potential impacts of known or anticipated regulatory developments, which may not only affect upcoming out-of-pocket costs but, in some instances, have major impacts on prospective profitability.


In addition to negotiating the environmental features within principal transaction agreements, we negotiate environmental indemnity agreements, environmental provisions in leases, and engagement letters with other environmental, health and safety advisors. We also facilitate the process of transferring environmental permits and provide guidance and support after a transaction is completed to address any risks or opportunities identified during the diligence process.


Our team leverages a deep network of relationships with other advisors with related expertise, such as environmental engineering and consulting firms, specialty insurance brokers and consultancies specializing in environmental, social and governance considerations to coordinate and optimize our collective expertise for clients.

Other Areas of Focus