Executive Compensation & Benefits

Compensation, benefits and other incentives play a critical role in retaining and motivating management teams.


Massumi + Consoli draws on its broad substantive experience to offer real-time insights into current market terms and industry leading practices when helping businesses navigate compensation and benefits questions.

Massumi + Consoli’s Executive Compensation & Benefits practice seamlessly integrates with the firm’s deal teams to guide clients creatively and pragmatically through the compensation and benefits issues arising from corporate transactions. In addition, our team counsels companies through ongoing everyday needs, including in relation to hiring executives and managing incentive programs.


Our team regularly guides clients through navigating complex compensation and benefits-related issues across a broad range of transactions, negotiates the agreements of key executives and designs compensation arrangements to retain top talent, including deferred compensation arrangements.


We also advise companies on equity-based structures, such as stock options, stock purchases, profits interests, phantom equity and appreciation rights arrangements, as well as on implementing other customized cash and equity arrangements that align with their business goals and objectives.


With an unmatched focus on—and heavy deal volume in—the middle market transactional realm, Massumi + Consoli provides unique insight into the current market for compensation and benefits structures, allowing our team to deliver data-driven counsel with keen judgment. Our clients trust us to provide premier strategic advice by remaining at the forefront of employment, tax, securities and other legal and transactional subject matter areas.


Following the acquisition of a company, our team plays an integral role in the company lifecycle and is well equipped to address post-transaction issues that are discovered during the diligence process.


In addition to our work for companies, we also work closely with senior executives and investment professionals on employment, equity and separation arrangements.

Other Areas of Focus